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My Blood Is True


anna paquin sex scene

O_o Yep.

So tell me now if this ain’t love then how do we get out? ‘Cause I don’t know
That’s when she said I don’t hate you boy
I just want to save you while there’s still something left to save

I love this song! Kudos to whoever thought this one up.


I’m in the ...fuck-off while….I smoke a blunt business….

Can I get an Amen?!


Behind an L-shaped barricade, a breathless crowd waved True Blood DVDs and boasted how many hours they’d been waiting to gaze up at Skarsgard with grateful eyes. He worked his way up from the back of the line, accepting hugs, signed autographs, taking pictures with young women who had driven into town from Dallas and Houston. “He’s the most accommodating actor I’ve seen come through here all week,” a SXSW volunteer staff member said. “I can’t believe he went all the way down the barricade. No one ever does that.”

(Quote:  EW.com, Original Pic:  characteristicallyexuberant tumblr)

I just love it when celebs are good to their fans.


I think we need to take a moment and recognize that True Blood is one of the best Tv shows ever made. That is all.

In case you couldn’t tell, I love this scene from Season 1!!!


We are beginning to rewatch S5 soon and we thought these pictures and the gif would be a great start but we also wanted to add something more, a quote. 

“Thucydides, an Athenian, wrote the war of the Peloponnesians and the Athenians as they warred against each other, beginning to write as soon as the war was on foot, with expectation it should prove a great one and most worthy the relation of all that had been before it; conjecturing so much both from this, that they flourished on both sides in all manner of provision, and also because he saw the rest of Greece siding with the one or the other faction, some then presently and some intending so to do. For this was certainly the greatest commotion that ever happened among the Grecians, reaching also to part of the barbarians and, as a man may say, to most nations.”
This is the introduction to Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian  War, Thomas Hobbes, London 1843. The writing on the wall in The Authority’s HQ is an extract from this book - as kindly pointed out by a fellow blogger - which is of course a testament to the great war between the Greek poleis (cities-states) which seems to serve as a premise for the S5 Authority s/line, political factions and their fight for supremacy. At the same time, it is a reminder to S2 and certain parallels in symbolism that we already encountered through the story of Maenad and Dionysus.
Yet something of the Greek mythology and Pegasus for the second time in S5 (epi 10, professor’s study):

Here it is, folks. My True Blood tattoo I got in July 2012 at Jinx Proof Tattoo in Georgetown, D.C. (Thanks, Tim!) True Blood is important to me for so many reasons…it makes me feel like so much less of a weirdo, and now whenever I’m feeling alone in the world, I can look at this tattoo and smile. I chose The Authority symbol because it represents that True Blood is so much more than a TV show - it is a social commentary on important issues like human sexuality, politics, and religion, and it is a great and important cultural contribution to our society and our world. True Blood is my “safe space.” I am just as pleased with my tattoo today as I was the day I got it, and I don’t expect that to ever change. In many ways, True Blood has awakened me and has been my miracle…and for that, I shall never be sorry!


Terry hugs Bill

Bill and his aversion to human contact…I knew there was a reason I like him so much!!


Looks like behind the scene pics from the set of True Blood

Source: sydneyyyep

Season 6 behind the scenes


Entertainment Weekly Farmer Sookie and Bill

Haha I remember I pre-ordered all 3 covers from EW and this one was backordered and I RAISED HELL until they sent it to me!!!

Reporting live from the Vampire Kingdom of Mississippi. All "True Blood." All the time. Bill haterz beware.

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