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My Blood Is True



these spoilers are so bad that they actually might be true

Not even True Blood is that bad. Writers can’t suck that much. I could eat my words but I don’t believe in so much bullshit. Too trashy

I hope you are right! Sorry if I went all crazy hahahha this is just a nightmare! And I hope it stays like that

More like HBO would’ve shut this guy down a looooong time ago if he was spouting off about actual, real spoilers.

Is anyone else secretly hoping that Chris Meloni returns as Warlow? They’re keeping the actor highly under wraps…if that happens, I called it!

We’ve heard before that one of the big deaths this season won’t last for long…they will either rise from the dead, or it will be a “fake death” of sorts. So if one of your fave vamps seems to meet the True Death, don’t write them off just yet!!!

Source: http://www.allstephenmoyer.com/two-sets-5-things-look-for-true-blood-season-6/

Not gonna lie, this scene totally gave me a lady boner…

I don’t know what it is, but Bill Compton staking lady vamps with that raging O-face really turns me on.

#fuckyeahtrueblood #bigmistake

All new from yours truly.

Reporting live from the Vampire Kingdom of Mississippi. All "True Blood." All the time. Bill haterz beware.

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