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My Blood Is True

Lookin’ good!

Um I love this


Kristin: Bobbert.
Stephen: Do it again.
Kristin: Bobbert.
Stephen: I want you to look straight to camera and do it very straight.
Kristin: Bobbert.
Stephen: Good.


From All Stephen Moyer

Stephen Moyer wasn’t naked enough last season in True Blood, so I’m proposing a hardcore porn parody of this called “The Pound of Music” in which he plays the timeless and beloved character Captain Von Fap.


chose wisely…

Aww he’s embarrassed by his fangboners lolol

Bros 4everrr




The Ecstasy

oh damn THUD

I could look at this all day/night. 

Ummm WTF is this from, and WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN IT?!


Stephen Moyer at The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.

Stop being so bespectacled and beautiful…

Reporting live from the Vampire Kingdom of Mississippi. All "True Blood." All the time. Bill haterz beware.

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