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My Blood Is True

Season 1 awesomeness

Nan Flanagan…I need some more flashbacks of Bill working for this bitch…




He’s tired of the act, this is how I imagine things should or would have gone for them had he not wanted her for himself in the first place. He was sent to find her for her blood the first time this is how this all began and where it was always going to end up.

Yep. And “I am tired of this, Sookie” is a bit rich, Bill! You are tired? Imagine how tired people are — no one more than Sookie — of your bullshit act. 

Yeah, we’re tired, not Beehl. Ugh. The gall! If he tries to take Sookie immabesomaaaad!

Uhhh, I’m not tired of it. I’m eating this storyline up. It’s different and interesting and fun and is bringing out everyone’s different sides. You people need to get the fuck over yourselves, cuz I’M GETTIN’ REAL TIRED OF YOUR SHIT, HATERS.


1x03 —> 6x01

This shit is BRILLIANT. “Mine” is one of my favorite S1 episodes.

Is anyone else secretly hoping that Chris Meloni returns as Warlow? They’re keeping the actor highly under wraps…if that happens, I called it!

We’ve heard before that one of the big deaths this season won’t last for long…they will either rise from the dead, or it will be a “fake death” of sorts. So if one of your fave vamps seems to meet the True Death, don’t write them off just yet!!!

Source: http://www.allstephenmoyer.com/two-sets-5-things-look-for-true-blood-season-6/

true blood + red: season 1

Da boys

I’ve known Tara since high school.

Oh, the times I’ve wished I could say this to some uppity bitch…

Maybe I have a couple times…


Reporting live from the Vampire Kingdom of Mississippi. All "True Blood." All the time. Bill haterz beware.

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