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My Blood Is True


You can see the future…

I related so much to Jessica last season…she wanted to protect Bill so badly…

Even Jessica wanted to get a piece of that ass

Right in the feels!


Bill Lives…

…and hopefully he continues to last throughout the rest of the season and into the next :)

At least I got to see you with your shirt half torn off before the season ended

Dean Norris on True Blood! Loving it!


Bill and Jessica

Fuck yeah, Bill Compton!!



Jason, you almost remembered it :D

Lmao Jason, I’m so glad they haven’t killed you off even though that would make sense from a Darwinian standpoint…

This is me. Like everyday.

- but why?

- because life and death are unfair.

More parallels…love it.

Reporting live from the Vampire Kingdom of Mississippi. All "True Blood." All the time. Bill haterz beware.

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