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My Blood Is True

Lookin’ good!

"The only vampire a vampire can trust is the vampire he made."


From All Stephen Moyer

Stephen Moyer wasn’t naked enough last season in True Blood, so I’m proposing a hardcore porn parody of this called “The Pound of Music” in which he plays the timeless and beloved character Captain Von Fap.


chose wisely…

Aww he’s embarrassed by his fangboners lolol

Bros 4everrr


You mess with Bill Compton… I promise, you will be a dead thing.”

——-Sookie Stackhouse(1.07”Burning House of Love”)

Fuck yeah you will


We have all heard about the seven deadly sins whether we are Catholic or not. The sins have been used to warn us from our tendency to fall for temptation. The sins are given as wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. Each sin has more than one possible meaning. Lust is desire for power as well as lust for sex; pride is not only being full of your own importance but also having hubris. Regardless of which, all the sins were committed by Bill Compton in season 6, as the gifs above show.

Well you just spun that completely out of context to suit your own anti-Bill agenda, didn’t you?

He was not slothful. That gif you used for sloth shows Bill in a fucking involuntary catatonic state that he had absolutely zero control over.

And he didn’t have much of a lust for power, either, in fact his power terrified him and he was ready for it to be over towards the end. The gif is actually Bill RELEASING his power and giving up his power to save the other vampires.

STFU, moron.


There’s no excuse for domestic violence.”

——-Lorena Krasiki(2.08”Timebomb”)

Is it bad that Lorena torturing Bill gives me a ladyboner?

Reporting live from the Vampire Kingdom of Mississippi. All "True Blood." All the time. Bill haterz beware.

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